2016 Jeep Cherokee North RX Edition

The All New 2016 Jeep Cherokee North RX Edition has arrived exclusively at Rivershore Ram

2016 Cherokee North RX Edition
2016 Cherokee North RX Edition

The Jeep Cherokee was named Four Wheeler magazine’s 2015 “Four Wheeler of the Year”. The Cherokee offers three 4×4 systems and Trail Rated capability to explore places in Canada that other SUV’s can’t. The RX edition takes that one step farther. With features including; heated seats and steering wheel, remote start, dual exhaust, 9 amplified speakers with subwoofer and extras including black mag wheels with aggressive tires, additional winter tires mounted on North Aluminum mag wheels and a trailhawk appearance group, you will be ready to travel in comfort with all of the added peace of mind that the Jeep brand brings.

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Sunriser Concept

The 2015 Frankfurt Auto show is currently on and while this isn’t a major car show when it comes to FCA/Jeep/Mopar releases the Jeep brand did take a new concept Wrangler to show off. With Jeep releasing an All-New Wrangler for the 2018 model year any concepts released between now and then could shed some light into what we can expect in the new model. It also gives us an insight into what Mopar could be working on for new performance parts. sunriser concept

The Wrangler Sunrise concept right off the bat is different from most of the  Jeep concepts that we see in the fact that’s its killer orange paint job is matte. I have been a fan of matte paint jobs on Jeeps for awhile now so here is hoping that we may see some matte paint colors coming down the line. The Sunriser is running on some fairly common mods, including a 4-inch lift, a double tow hook front bumper, half doors, an engine skid plate and a set of beadlock wheels.

What is slightly out of the norm, but we have been seeing a lot more of, is the 2.8L Diesel Engine under the hood. There has been a want for a diesel Wrangler in North America for a long time now and with the 2018 re-model on its way tongues are wagging with speculation that the time has come and a diesel will finally make its way to this side of the pond. There are few other design elements that we may see in 2018 that are shown on the Sunriser concept. The matte black grille has already seen its way onto a few special editions now so it may become a standard option and the front bumper looks a lot like one already available in the Mopar catalogue so it may stay there or become an option on models like the Rubicon. All around the Sunriser concept isn’t that far out there as far concepts go and it looks a lot like Wrangler that you would see cruising down the streets.

Jeep-Wrangler-Sunrise-concept-1021-876x535 Jeep-Wrangler-Sunrise-concept-1031-876x535 Jeep-Wrangler-Sunrise-concept-1041-876x535 Jeep-Wrangler-Sunrise-concept-1051-876x535 Jeep-Wrangler-Sunrise-concept-1061-876x535

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2018 Jeep Truck

There has been a lot of speculation for a few years now that Jeep would be releasing another truck. If we look at previous models Jeep has had 3 compact pickups and 1 full size.

The CJ-8 Scrambler was introduced in 1981 and manufactured through 1986.

Jeep-Comanche-Pioneer.jpgThe Comanche is probably the best known Jeep truck and it was manufactured from 1984-1996.

Jeep CJ10.JPGThe CJ-10 was produced from 1981-1985, and it was designed and sold for export markets. Australia in particular.

The Gladiator has been the only full size truck in the Jeep lineup. It was first introduced in 1962 for the 1963 model year and was produced right up until 1988. After 1971 however the Gladiator name was dropped and the truck was simply known as the Jeep pickup.

All of these Trucks were released in the pre-Chrysler era of the Jeep brand. My guess is that since the Chrysler brand, or Fiat Chrysler Automotives, has made such huge strides in the Ramtrucks brand that a modern day Jeep Truck will be a marriage of Jeep and Ram. Jeep in design with Ram components under the hood.

We can assume that the design of the 2018 Jeep truck will be similar to something that we have already seen. FCA has released its own concept in the past, followed up by the JK-8 truck conversion kit released by Mopar and in the aftermarket world we know that American Expedition Vehicles has been converting Wranglers to trucks for many years now.

The Jeep Gladiator Concept seems to be the most popular model for speculation as to what the 2018 model will look like.

Its very similar to the JK-8 kit that Mopar released.

You can also see some similarities to the AEV Brute conversion kit. We do know that Mopar and AEV have been working very closely together on Jeep accessories and now Ram accessories.

As far as rumors right out of FCA, what we currently know is that the Truck will only come in a 2-door model, and the length the truck will be the same length as a 4-door model. This is to avoid a major factory refit and to maintain production rates. They are expecting it to be about the size of a Ford Ranger in length, but a little wider- with the passenger room of today’s 2-door wrangler, and narrower mirrors and fender flares.

For the time being though this is all speculation and as more specs and details get released we will keep you in the loop!

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SEMA Drag Race

I was doing some research this morning and came across a Motor Trend Video from 2014 SEMA week that I had to share. My absolute favorite Jeep at SEMA 2014 was the Daystar FC-170 on tracks.

It truly is a piece of art. While it is not built to be drag raced the team over at Motor Trend did just that. Despite the fact that it lost, which really wasn’t a surprise at all, seeing the old FC-170 out on the track was pretty cool.

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2015 News and Updates

It’s been awhile since we have posted anything so we thought we start off 2015 right with some rumors about upcoming models and model refreshes. The North America International Auto Show starts this Saturday in Detroit and Jeep is rumored to be unveiling a possible new model.

2005 Jeep Gladiator concept

There has been rumors over the last few years about the return of a truck to the Jeep line up. The rumor mill is in full swing this week with the possible return of the Jeep Gladiator. The Gladiator concept was first shown at the 2005 Auto Show and with a Scrambler style pick up showing up on Chrysler’s long term plans for 2016 it is speculated that the Gladiator may soon become more than just a rumor. Over the last few years Mopar has also solidified their relationship with American Expedition Vehicles who currently offer a Brute truck kit for the Jeep Wrangler. (AEV is currently the manufacturer behind a lot of the Mopar branded Jeep accessories available and they are currently working with Ram Trucks to release a line of Ram accessories that have revolutionized the lift market for full size trucks.) The Brute kit allows owners to convert their two or four door Wranglers into trucks similar to the JK-8 kit available from Mopar. At this point a Jeep truck seems to be almost a guarantee the only questions left are what exactly it will look like and when it will be released.

AEV Brute Kit on a 4-Dr Wrangler

In other Jeep news, speculation about the Wrangler redesign has been keeping Jeep forums busy for months. At this point what we do know is that Chrysler has filed for a patent on a new back window design that will allow the back window to fold right up and over the roof where it can be clipped down. This will allow owners to leave the back window open at all times. With the popularity of the freedom top the soft top of past models is starting to become almost obsolete. With the addition of the new back window owners will be able to get the same convertible feel that the Wrangler is known and loved for without ever having to fully remove the hard top.full folding backglass 3a

Jeep FC-170

SEMA is coming to a close for another year so it only seemed fitting that todays throwback Thursday post featured a retro Jeep model at this years show. My personal favorite Jeep model of all time is the FC-170 so the fact there were two shown at this years SEMA show made me exceptionally excited.

The FC or Forward Control Jeep was in production from 1956-1965 and not exactly Jeeps bestseller. It only sold 30,000 units which has made them a rare collectible model. The FC was produced as the FC-150 a four-cylinder and the FC-170 a six cylinder.

The first of the two FC-170’s shown at SEMA was built by the employees of Daystar Products and features Mattracks and a late Hemi engine. I think out of all of the rebuilt FC’s I have seen this has to be my favorite color scheme and it is one of the most out there builds.

Jeep FC-170s at the 2014 SEMA Show. Is That a Trend?

The second FC-170 shown at SEMA is the Crown reproduction parts sublime FC. This is your more traditional FC rebuild and it is still absolutely stunning.

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Jeep Renegade Riptide and Frostbite

It is one of my favorite weeks of the whole year, SEMA week. The annual Specialty Equipment Market Association show kicks off tomorrow in Las Vegas. In December we usually do our 25 Days of SEMA special where we go over some of our favorite Jeep Builds of SEMA’s past (some of our favorites include Dune Warfare, Mopar Recon, and the MIAI Havoc). With the release of the 2015 Jeep Renegade this year it was assumed that Jeep would present at least one Renegade at this years show. The rumors are out as to what will be released tomorrow and it looks like they have created two Renegades for the show.

The first of the two is the Renegade Riptide.

SEMA 2014 Mopar Renegade Riptide
Renegade Riptide


Riptide was created with the sun and sand lover in mind. It takes a fun weekend approach to its accessories for those who spend their weekends looking for that ideal quiet surf spot.

The second is the Renegade Frostbite.

SEMA 2014 Jeep Renegade Frostbite
Renegade Frostbite

Mopar wanted to show the versatility of the Renegade so Frostbite was built with the snow lovers in mind. Built to accommodate a winter climate, it was made for those who spend their weekends on the slopes.

Both builds are very simple as far as what we are used to for a SEMA showing. They are basically just a new paint job with some minor appearance upgrades and roof rack. However, we love that Mopar kept it simple. It shows how easy it is to make your Jeep vehicle your own. We are used to seeing Wranlger builds that easily hit the $100k mark so seeing something that makes sense for every day adventures that is easy and affordable is a great change.

That being said we are excited to see all of the extravagant and over the top builds that SEMA brings so as the week progresses we will be sharing some of our favorite builds.

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2015 Jeep Cherokee

In 2014 the Jeep Cherokee racked up an impressive list of awards and it’s looking to dominate again in 2015.

The Cherokee represents the true freedom of Jeep. With all of the uncompromising capability you expect from the Jeep name but with the modern and technological twists of the modern market. The 2015 Jeep Cherokee features game-changing aerodynamics and a sophisticated interior that is loaded with state-of-the-art technology.

The 2015 Cherokee offers technology features like the award winning and intuitive Uconnect multimedia center making sure you are always connected, entertained and informed on either a full color 5″ or 8.4″ touchscreen. Once in your Cherokee you can use the voice command to change the radio station to a local channel or one of the many channels available on the built in SiriusXM satellite radio, you can make and receive phone calls as well as answer text messages, choose you navigation destinations or set cabin temps. The Uconnect system employs GPS navigation for audible turn-by-turn directions, and detailed 3D maps to help ensure you arrive on time. The Nav is integrated into your in-cluster display center and on the multimedia center touch-screen display so you can see directions front and center. With the wireless charging pad on the front console you can make sure that all of your devices are charged and ready to go once you arrive at your destination.

The technology isn’t limited to just the entertainment features in the 2015 Cherokee it spans every aspect and feature. With over 70 standard and available safety and security features you can be confident that the Jeep Cherokee will keep your family safe. From forward collision warning with active braking that warns you of potential hazards, to the available adaptive cruise control with stop and go the Cherokee makes your safety a top priority. Whether they are working behind the scenes, like the standard electronic stability control, or alerting you of potential hazards, these systems combine to give you peace of mind on every adventure. The newly available safety tech group (available on the North, Limited and Trailhawk models) arms you with a host of advanced safety features; including: blind spot monitoring, rear cross-path detection and park sense rear park assist. For added convenience, it also comes with power heated exterior mirrors with supplemental turn signals and courtesy lamps.

Here at Rivershore Ram we currently have the 2015 Jeep Cherokee in stock so give our non-commission sales staff a call today to book your test drive.

Take Your Top Off For Tatas 2014

So it feels like it has been forever and a day since I last posted something up here. Things have been crazy around the shop! Phase 1 of our new building is finally complete and now the fun for phases 2 and 3 has began. Not to mention the crazy busy schedule of getting prepared for the second annual Take Your Top Off For Tatas.

TYTO logoLast year we partnered with the Barnhartvale Community Association for the first annual Take Your Top Off For Tatas, a charity off-road event in support of the Canadian Breast Cancer Association, and this year we brought it back bigger and better than ever. Last year we saw about 40 vehicles with around 80 people and we raised $2000 for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Our goal this year going into the event was to hit the $4000 mark.

2014 group shotThis year we decided to add another day to the event and did a dinner/dance and silent auction Saturday July 26th, followed by the trailrides Sunday July 27th. On Sunday we saw around 70 vehicles with about 160 people, which was a huge turn out and we couldn’t have been happier! While the final total isn’t in just yet it looks like we will hit the $5000 mark this blowing our $4000 goal out of the water. We cannot wait to throw the third annual and see how the event grows and expands once again. Thank you to all of our sponsors and of course to everyone who showed up for the day!

10494952_258586327672028_3880130552608619989_o 10496226_258586371005357_2586927121997286737_o 10497846_258586261005368_8590675663179648529_o 10562583_258586381005356_8587408159780661011_o 10293840_10152675351256719_3153482444871157882_o 10373128_10152675351906719_7482288092065439765_o 10453073_10152675350276719_3610864330897347019_o 10473462_10152675348621719_728847170337452173_o 10497213_10152675347906719_1569815116857390177_o 10548076_10152675349381719_3452861396670279584_o