2016 Jeep Cherokee North RX Edition

The All New 2016 Jeep Cherokee North RX Edition has arrived exclusively at Rivershore Ram

2016 Cherokee North RX Edition
2016 Cherokee North RX Edition

The Jeep Cherokee was named Four Wheeler magazine’s 2015 “Four Wheeler of the Year”. The Cherokee offers three 4×4 systems and Trail Rated capability to explore places in Canada that other SUV’s can’t. The RX edition takes that one step farther. With features including; heated seats and steering wheel, remote start, dual exhaust, 9 amplified speakers with subwoofer and extras including black mag wheels with aggressive tires, additional winter tires mounted on North Aluminum mag wheels and a trailhawk appearance group, you will be ready to travel in comfort with all of the added peace of mind that the Jeep brand brings.

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SEMA Drag Race

I was doing some research this morning and came across a Motor Trend Video from 2014 SEMA week that I had to share. My absolute favorite Jeep at SEMA 2014 was the Daystar FC-170 on tracks.

It truly is a piece of art. While it is not built to be drag raced the team over at Motor Trend did just that. Despite the fact that it lost, which really wasn’t a surprise at all, seeing the old FC-170 out on the track was pretty cool.

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2015 News and Updates

It’s been awhile since we have posted anything so we thought we start off 2015 right with some rumors about¬†upcoming models and model refreshes. The North America International Auto Show starts this Saturday in Detroit and Jeep is rumored to be unveiling a possible new model.

2005 Jeep Gladiator concept

There has been rumors over the last few years about the return of a truck to the Jeep line up. The rumor mill is in full swing this week with the possible return of the Jeep Gladiator. The Gladiator concept was first shown at the 2005 Auto Show¬†and with a Scrambler style pick up showing up on Chrysler’s long term plans for 2016 it is speculated that the Gladiator may soon become more than just a rumor. Over the last few years Mopar has also solidified their relationship with American Expedition Vehicles who currently offer a Brute truck kit for the Jeep Wrangler. (AEV is currently the manufacturer behind a lot of the Mopar branded Jeep accessories available and they are currently working with Ram Trucks to release a line of Ram accessories that have revolutionized the lift market for full size trucks.) The Brute kit allows owners to convert their two or four door Wranglers into trucks similar to the JK-8 kit available from Mopar. At this point a Jeep truck seems to be almost a guarantee the only questions left are what exactly it will look like and when it will be released.

AEV Brute Kit on a 4-Dr Wrangler

In other Jeep news, speculation about the Wrangler redesign has been keeping Jeep forums busy for months. At this point what we do know is that Chrysler has filed for a patent on a new back window design that will allow the back window to fold right up and over the roof where it can be clipped down. This will allow owners to leave the back window open at all times. With the popularity of the freedom top the soft top of past models is starting to become almost obsolete. With the addition of the new back window owners will be able to get the same convertible feel that the Wrangler is known and loved for without ever having to fully remove the hard top.full folding backglass 3a

Jeep Renegade Riptide and Frostbite

It is one of my favorite weeks of the whole year, SEMA week. The annual Specialty Equipment Market Association show kicks off tomorrow in Las Vegas. In December we usually do our 25 Days of SEMA special where we go over some of our favorite Jeep Builds of SEMA’s past (some of our favorites include Dune Warfare, Mopar Recon, and the MIAI Havoc). With the release of the 2015 Jeep Renegade this year it was assumed that Jeep would present at least one Renegade at this years show. The rumors are out as to what will be released tomorrow and it looks like they have created two Renegades for the show.

The first of the two is the Renegade Riptide.

SEMA 2014 Mopar Renegade Riptide
Renegade Riptide


Riptide was created with the sun and sand lover in mind. It takes a fun weekend approach to its accessories for those who spend their weekends looking for that ideal quiet surf spot.

The second is the Renegade Frostbite.

SEMA 2014 Jeep Renegade Frostbite
Renegade Frostbite

Mopar wanted to show the versatility of the Renegade so Frostbite was built with the snow lovers in mind. Built to accommodate a winter climate, it was made for those who spend their weekends on the slopes.

Both builds are very simple as far as what we are used to for a SEMA showing. They are basically just a new paint job with some minor appearance upgrades and roof rack. However, we love that Mopar kept it simple. It shows how easy it is to make your Jeep vehicle your own. We are used to seeing Wranlger builds that easily hit the $100k mark so seeing something that makes sense for every day adventures that is easy and affordable is a great change.

That being said we are excited to see all of the extravagant and over the top builds that SEMA brings so as the week progresses we will be sharing some of our favorite builds.

Happy Jeeping!!



New Forum


A new forum for Jeeping in BC has popped up over the last few weeks and it offers a fresh take on the Jeep Community. Over the last year I have been involved in multiple forums and so far Keeponjeepin.ca is my favorite. I started out on jeepinbc.ca and quickly made my way over to bcjeepclub.ca both offer up great jeep information but require you to wade through some politics and hazing of newer members to get to the good stuff. Over the past month bcjeepclub.ca has cracked down on moderating posts and the whole social aspect has been foregone in an attempt to get back to its roots and focus solely on wrenching and wheeling. Keeponjeepin.ca fills the void and offers up wheeling, wrenching and the social aspect that we all seem to love. So far it is also lacking all of the politics and is much more newbie friendly. I look forward to seeing how the new forum expands and takes shape over the next few years!


Dune Warfare Update

On Day 16 of our 25 days of SEMA special we looked at Doetsch Off-Roads Dune Warfare. At the time I had no info on what when into the build. However, they have since added a ton of photo’s to their facebook page that let us see how this build really came together. What I like about the build is that is it basically what I have planned for mine with only a few minor tweaks. I am currently running the Poison Spyder bombshell diff cover on my rear D44 and I love it, I can’t wait to get one on the front. I am also running the Poison Spyder hood louver (Dune Warefare is not but it is running a ton of PS gear). Like Dune Warfare the plan is to eventually add front and rear Poison Spyder bumpers as well as flares, rocker knockers, and the door armor.The next mod on my list is rhyno lining the tub which they did on Dune Warfare. I actually really like that they show this step by step in their photos. They also rhyno lined the front grille and the tailgate, both of which look phenomenal! Then of course since it was built for the Truck Lite booth all of the lights are Truck Lite. Check out the build and let us know what you think!!!

dune warfare


Happy New Year!!!

I took a few week hiatus over the holidays and I am back and ready to go! I have a ton of great stuff planned for the new year but first I wanted to show off something that has been in the works for a long time. Over this past summer I was lucky enough to meet a guy by the name of Pat Harrison. Anyone who has spent even a minute on bcjeepclub.ca knows who Pat is. He is the owner and mastermind behind Trailskinz.com. Trailskinz are magnetic panels that you throw on before heading out into the bush to help protect your paint job. If you have ever been wheeling in BC you know that BC pin striping is going to happen.With the aftermarket and even Mopar’s line up of accessories becoming so huge we are seeing Jeep’s upwards of $50k rolling around and with that kind of money you want to protect it.

I have been running my skinz since August and I am in love with them. Not only do I no longer cry every time a branch scrapes bumper to bumper, but they completely change the look of the Jeep. Pat advises against running the skinz 24/7 however, we do it anyway. I just recently lost a panel and it was because of my own stupidity. I knew it was going to happen and didn’t rectify the situation. When we get cold temperatures like we see here in Kamloops the skinz will build up some condensation between the Jeep and the panels, this unfortunately freezes and thaws and when it thaws you will lose a panel (the excess of water between the panel and the Jeep will cause the panel to slip and add in highway speeds = not good!). So long story short don’t leave them on all winter, throw them on to go wheel then take them off. Now to the exciting part. Since I met Pat I have been working hard to get Trailskinz offered through our Parts Department. I love the product and show it off to anyone and everyone and I think every Jeep should come with a set. So after months of talking back and forth and waiting for timing to be right we are finally offering them. Pat and his crew did an amazing job on them and I look forward to a very, very long working relationship with them! Here are a few pics!

pink poison showrrom 2 showrrom Jeep trailskinz

If you would like any info on Trailskinz or about how you can get a set of your own give us a call at 1-888-318-9321!


Happy Jeeping!!


Day 25 – Highlight Reel

So our 25 days of SEMA has come to an end :( I love doing this special! It gives me a chance to really spend some time doing some research and checking out what is out there in the after market world. I am so excited that Mopar is finally expanding their Jeep accessory line to keep up with the aftermarket guys. I hope that this special has inspired some of you about the direction you would like to go with your own Jeep build. I know I have a few more ideas about things that I would like to do with mine. I thought I would end it off with a Wrangler highlight reel video that I found. See you all in the New Year!!

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Happy Jeeping!!