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A new forum for Jeeping in BC has popped up over the last few weeks and it offers a fresh take on the Jeep Community. Over the last year I have been involved in multiple forums and so far is my favorite. I started out on and quickly made my way over to both offer up great jeep information but require you to wade through some politics and hazing of newer members to get to the good stuff. Over the past month has cracked down on moderating posts and the whole social aspect has been foregone in an attempt to get back to its roots and focus solely on wrenching and wheeling. fills the void and offers up wheeling, wrenching and the social aspect that we all seem to love. So far it is also lacking all of the politics and is much more newbie friendly. I look forward to seeing how the new forum expands and takes shape over the next few years!


What do you do when you leave your roof off?

Good Morning!!!

We had a crazy rainstorm in Kamloops yesterday and true to most Jeep owners fashion I didn’t put the rear windows in my soft top. After wading through calf deep water just to get to the Jeep I discovered the inside was soaked!!! So to complete the look I powered my way through a small pond and landed myself with 2-3 inches of standing water in the bottom of the Jeep. Now most car owners would have been freaking out! However, soon after I purchased my Jeep I learned that it had a solution to just this type of problem. The bottom of the Jeep is full of drain holes under the carpet. All you have to do is pull the plugs. I have found a video that shows where all of the plugs are, if you still have the carpet in the bottom they will be a little tougher to get at as you have to pull up the carpet enough to get to them. The JK in the video has had the tub bed-lined which is a brilliant idea and is on my list of mods to do.

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Happy Jeeping!!