Jeep FC-170

SEMA is coming to a close for another year so it only seemed fitting that todays throwback Thursday post featured a retro Jeep model at this years show. My personal favorite Jeep model of all time is the FC-170 so the fact there were two shown at this years SEMA show made me exceptionally excited.

The FC or Forward Control Jeep was in production from 1956-1965 and not exactly Jeeps bestseller. It only sold 30,000 units which has made them a rare collectible model. The FC was produced as the FC-150 a four-cylinder and the FC-170 a six cylinder.

The first of the two FC-170’s shown at SEMA was built by the employees of Daystar Products and features Mattracks and a late Hemi engine. I think out of all of the rebuilt FC’s I have seen this has to be my favorite color scheme and it is one of the most out there builds.

Jeep FC-170s at the 2014 SEMA Show. Is That a Trend?

The second FC-170 shown at SEMA is the Crown reproduction parts sublime FC. This is your more traditional FC rebuild and it is still absolutely stunning.

Happy Jeeping!!!


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