2015 Jeep Renegade

For the second year in a row Jeep is introducing a new model. Last year we saw the Cherokee come back to life and this year at the Geneva Motor Show Jeep announced the 2015 Jeep Renegade.


The Renegade is the smallest offering from Jeep, but it still holds all of the off-road capability that we have come to know and love from the Jeep brand. Like the Cherokee the Renegade also comes with a Trailhawk option. Watch the full release video below.

YouTube Preview Image

New Forum


A new forum for Jeeping in BC has popped up over the last few weeks and it offers a fresh take on the Jeep Community. Over the last year I have been involved in multiple forums and so far Keeponjeepin.ca is my favorite. I started out on jeepinbc.ca and quickly made my way over to bcjeepclub.ca both offer up great jeep information but require you to wade through some politics and hazing of newer members to get to the good stuff. Over the past month bcjeepclub.ca has cracked down on moderating posts and the whole social aspect has been foregone in an attempt to get back to its roots and focus solely on wrenching and wheeling. Keeponjeepin.ca fills the void and offers up wheeling, wrenching and the social aspect that we all seem to love. So far it is also lacking all of the politics and is much more newbie friendly. I look forward to seeing how the new forum expands and takes shape over the next few years!


Snow Day

Over the past few days the sun has finally made an appearance in Kamloops again so a few of us here at Rivershore decided that it would be a good weekend for a little snow wheeling adventure. Of course the sun did not make an appearance for us, but it was a phenomenal day none the less. We re-learned a few key lessons, but walked away with a few good stories and and a smile on our faces. We took two Jeeps out a YJ and a JK and then a Nissan Pathfinder and Dodge Ram. We took off up into the hills of Barnhartvale with the plan to head up to Scuitto Lake.The drive up was gorgeous and other than the Ram needing two runs up a hill we really had no issue. Once we got to the lake we stopped for a few photo ops.

1512114_10153745013155464_800890095_o 1614360_10153745014320464_16011143_oFrom Scuitto we decided that we might try to run up to Hosli lake, which is the same trail we use for Take Your Top Off for Tata’s. Once we got to the deactivation in the road we quickly discovered our first lesson of the day. A road that is a breeze in the summer can become a million times harder with the addition of snow, and lockers are a life saver. The only one of us that had lockers was the YJ so in retrospect he should have been clearing the trails with the rest of us following but hind sight is always 20/20 right. So the JK was the first to get stuck trying to clear a new path. Thankfully it wasn’t bad and a little gas and a friendly push was all it took to get it out.


We quickly decided that Hosli would not be a good choice for our second destination and instead chose to venture up to Campbell lake. I couldn’t have been more pleased with our decision. The drive was absolutely stunning!! Which leads me into lesson two. If you are traveling in a group and there are people behind you check your review mirror often. Normally, this isn’t an issue for me, but I got so distracted with how stunningly beautiful it was I left everyone behind and ended up at the lake all alone. This did allow me to get a few photo’s before having to go back to find the rest of the group.

1518110_10153745226195464_919236978_o 1518987_10153745014700464_904485643_o 1529735_10153745229020464_636491205_o

Once I headed back up the path it didn’t take me long to find out what was holding everyone else up and we learned the next  few lessons of the day. Breakage can happen. When you least expect it things can and will break. Thankfully in our case it was simply a broken shock bolt so it wasn’t the end of the world but it’s something that you should always be aware of and while you can’t carry a spare of everything it is a good idea to have a fairly good idea of how your vehicle works, a few tools on hand, and a plan of what to do just in case. The Ram in the group was the second of the day to get stuck and this was when we discovered that we were slightly unprepared and should have brought along something in area of kitty litter. We were unable to get traction and the addition of something like kitty litter would have made the whole unsticking process much smoother. All ended well and we were able to get the Ram out, broken shock bolt and all.


Once the Ram was clear we as a group headed back down to the lake. We had another lesson on the way though. Snow like mud can be very tricky. It will sink you into ruts and ditches you don’t want to be in and it can be a whole lot deeper than it looks. The remaining three of us got stuck in drifts/deep snow on the way back down to the lake but with a little careful driving and a tow strap they were all quick recoveries.

741246_10153745015055464_633994037_o 1795907_10153745015110464_1588547233_oFinally we made our way to the lake, where after a quick photo op we stopped for some lunch and to take in the beauty of the area. The only lesson that was learned at this point is that the best way to spend a Sunday is in the company of awesome friends and some beautiful scenery.


After lunch we decided to head back to town with one quick detour which is where we learnt a few more lessons and the most important lesson of the day. Our first lesson was that as soon as you decide you are ready to go home and deviate from that path you will get stuck. It is like an unwritten law, it always happens and it is always a pain. Our second lesson here was that as inviting as a path looks, in the winter there are hidden obstacles and issues and you can never trust the snow.


We made it just around the corner and then slight chaos ensued. The YJ a hundred yards back got stuck, while the Nissan got stuck leading us in. So after the Ram dug out the YJ we went to work on the Nissan and this proved to be where we learned our most valuable lesson of all. Always come prepared, in fact come over prepared. All of us know that you don’t go out wheeling without a shovel yet somehow not one of us brought one. So after carefully digging out around the Nissan with a snow brush we hooked on a tow strap and attempted to make the recovery. Instead of pulling out the Nissan the JK sunk in and ended up in a ditch of its own getting itself stuck as well. So the next plan of action was for the YJ to tow out the JK then come back for the Nissan. This did not go as planned. Because of how slippery snow can get it ended up sinking the JK even further into the ditch. So with us slowly running out of options we broke out the come along and trekked through some waist deep snow and tried pulling out the JK that way. While we managed to get it moving a little bit we ran out of tow rope and that plan quickly failed. So the digging with the snow brushes ensued and once we got the Nissan dug out enough we managed to get it chained up and with some very skilled driving we got it out. Then the digging on the JK started. Digging through waist deep snow in -11 temperatures is not the most fun thing I can think of doing but it really sunk in how important it is to be prepared. All in our quick detour led to three hours of recovery time but we all made it out safe and sound just as the sun was coming down, which led to another beauty drive home.


Overall the day was a success. We all had a ton of fun and some great laughs and our friendship is stronger now because of it. However, we all also learnt some valuable lessons. While we managed to avoid any real danger, as we always had at least one vehicle able to get us out and we were only a 20 min hike away from cell service, the situation could have been a lot worse. As of this morning I know we are all looking at chains, and shovels for our vehicles, but we all now have learned to never go out unprepared or expecting someone else to be prepared. We all think that these types of situations will never happen to us, but they can, especially in the winter when you can never be sure of the conditions. Even when you think things are going to be OK, things can and will go wrong, and you should always have a way out or be prepared enough to spend the night in the bush if you have to. Wheeling in the winter is incredible and it’s something that I think everyone should have the joy of doing at least once in their life. But it takes planning, and the understanding that getting stuck in the middle of nowhere in sub zero temperatures is a whole lot different than getting stuck on a summer night. Life threatening situations arise a whole lot quicker. So if you are going to go out and enjoy the beauty that this city has to offer, go in a group, be smart, let someone know the area you are heading into with an idea of when you will be home, and most of all plan ahead, prepare and then go back and bring more just in case. It’s always better to unpack a whole bunch of stuff that you didn’t use at the end of the day than be stuck in the middle of no where with no cell service wishing you would have brought it.

Happy Jeeping!!!

Dune Warfare Update

On Day 16 of our 25 days of SEMA special we looked at Doetsch Off-Roads Dune Warfare. At the time I had no info on what when into the build. However, they have since added a ton of photo’s to their facebook page that let us see how this build really came together. What I like about the build is that is it basically what I have planned for mine with only a few minor tweaks. I am currently running the Poison Spyder bombshell diff cover on my rear D44 and I love it, I can’t wait to get one on the front. I am also running the Poison Spyder hood louver (Dune Warefare is not but it is running a ton of PS gear). Like Dune Warfare the plan is to eventually add front and rear Poison Spyder bumpers as well as flares, rocker knockers, and the door armor.The next mod on my list is rhyno lining the tub which they did on Dune Warfare. I actually really like that they show this step by step in their photos. They also rhyno lined the front grille and the tailgate, both of which look phenomenal! Then of course since it was built for the Truck Lite booth all of the lights are Truck Lite. Check out the build and let us know what you think!!!

dune warfare


Happy New Year!!!

I took a few week hiatus over the holidays and I am back and ready to go! I have a ton of great stuff planned for the new year but first I wanted to show off something that has been in the works for a long time. Over this past summer I was lucky enough to meet a guy by the name of Pat Harrison. Anyone who has spent even a minute on bcjeepclub.ca knows who Pat is. He is the owner and mastermind behind Trailskinz.com. Trailskinz are magnetic panels that you throw on before heading out into the bush to help protect your paint job. If you have ever been wheeling in BC you know that BC pin striping is going to happen.With the aftermarket and even Mopar’s line up of accessories becoming so huge we are seeing Jeep’s upwards of $50k rolling around and with that kind of money you want to protect it.

I have been running my skinz since August and I am in love with them. Not only do I no longer cry every time a branch scrapes bumper to bumper, but they completely change the look of the Jeep. Pat advises against running the skinz 24/7 however, we do it anyway. I just recently lost a panel and it was because of my own stupidity. I knew it was going to happen and didn’t rectify the situation. When we get cold temperatures like we see here in Kamloops the skinz will build up some condensation between the Jeep and the panels, this unfortunately freezes and thaws and when it thaws you will lose a panel (the excess of water between the panel and the Jeep will cause the panel to slip and add in highway speeds = not good!). So long story short don’t leave them on all winter, throw them on to go wheel then take them off. Now to the exciting part. Since I met Pat I have been working hard to get Trailskinz offered through our Parts Department. I love the product and show it off to anyone and everyone and I think every Jeep should come with a set. So after months of talking back and forth and waiting for timing to be right we are finally offering them. Pat and his crew did an amazing job on them and I look forward to a very, very long working relationship with them! Here are a few pics!

pink poison showrrom 2 showrrom Jeep trailskinz

If you would like any info on Trailskinz or about how you can get a set of your own give us a call at 1-888-318-9321!


Happy Jeeping!!


Day 25 – Highlight Reel

So our 25 days of SEMA has come to an end :( I love doing this special! It gives me a chance to really spend some time doing some research and checking out what is out there in the after market world. I am so excited that Mopar is finally expanding their Jeep accessory line to keep up with the aftermarket guys. I hope that this special has inspired some of you about the direction you would like to go with your own Jeep build. I know I have a few more ideas about things that I would like to do with mine. I thought I would end it off with a Wrangler highlight reel video that I found. See you all in the New Year!!

YouTube Preview Image

Happy Jeeping!!