2014 Jeep Cherokee

The arrival of the all new 2014 Jeep Cherokee is fast approaching and the hype is building. The Cherokee is building up to be one of the most controversial Jeep releases in a loing time. Jeep chose to go in a sleeker much more sophisticated direction, which according to some Jeep purists means it is not a Jeep. However, without actually seeing one all I can go on is the reviews that are coming out and according to those the Cherokee is all Jeep.

blacktrailhawkThe following quote is from 4WD magazine who reviewed a Cherokee Trailhawk on the trails of Utah. They tested not only its on road capability but also whether or not it could perform off-road and was deserving of the Jeep name.

“The Cherokee is flat-out enjoyable to drive on-road, and surprisingly capable off-road. Jeep is aware of the Cherokee namesake pedestal and has done a great job with the Trail Hawk edition to offer a wheeler-centric version of an otherwise citified platform. When the small XJ Cherokee was launched in 1984, it was extremely innovative for its time. Although, we often look back at those early XJ models as the less desirable ones, the Cherokee has made a lasting imprint in the world of off-road capable SUVs. Ultimately, as a brand, Jeep has to continue to diversify and grow. That’s the only way the classic seven-slot grille makers will be able to continue to satisfy the hardcore enthusiasts and bean counters alike. Will the Cherokee replace the Wrangler? Heck no, but it certainly has a place in the Jeep fold.”

In honor of the release of the Cherokee and to show off some of its capabilities Jeep has released the “Tales of the Trailhawk” series on Youtube. Over 10 episodes the series will show the capabilities of the Cherokee and how it earned it’s Trail Rated badge. Here is episode 1!!

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Hello All!!!

We are so excited to have our blog back and we have so much that we would like to share with you!

On July 28th we held the first annual Take Your Top Off For Tata’s Charity Wheeling Event. The day saw around 40 Jeeps go on a trail ride through the hills of Kamloops followed by a BBQ lunch, Show ‘N Grime and Silent Auction. Here are a few of our winners from that day!!

biggest rack breast in show

It was an incredible day and we managed to raise around $2000 for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. We can’t wait to host this event again next year!!!

With the huge support we received at this event we felt obligated to get our Jeep blog going once again. There is a huge off-road community in Kamloops, BC, full of incredible people, and there is so much that we would like to share. From after market and OEM parts, to trail rides and tech quetions to reviews and specs about the newest Jeeps out there. Here at Rivershore Ram we pride ourselves in being your off-road adventure center. With so many of our staff members owning Jeeps and being a part of the off-road community you can trust that you will get the best service around. Why would you trust anyone else?

Happy Jeeping!!!